RSB presses the RECORD button!

Well, RSB is knee deep in the process of recording our new CD. We spent a weekend recording out at our friends, Shirley and Larry's old general store. Amazing acoustics in that room! We are trying to do it as "live" as possible. The way this band interacts with each other, we needed to make it as close to a real gig as possible. Two long days and more to come! When we recorded "Roller Coaster Blues" Ron was the producer/engineer, doing it on the fly, while also remembering arrangements and, oh yeah, playing guitar. Too many hats! So we enlisted Mick Walker to engineer and produce the recording and he is doing an amazing job. We're hoping to have a ready to go CD by early spring. All "homemade" songs, ranging from blues to soul and rhythm 'n blues. I was rewriting lyrics a few seconds before recording some of the songs! I've been listening to the rough tracks "under the microscope" and once again, I am amazed by the tightness of our rhythm section. Jay and Ross seem to share one brain (although Ross' part is a bit more perverted!). After listening to Jay's bass playing, I wrote him an email saying that it's a good thing I can't pay complete attention to his playing when we're out gigging. I'd probably stop singing in mid-sentence and just stare at him with my mouth open! Ron's rhythm playing is extraordinary. Once again I am humbled to be able to sing in front of these guys. What a privilege and inspiration!

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