RSB - Into The Blue-"The Inside Story" 

Hi Everyone! I can't believe how long it's been since I've posted here to our site, but this is certainly blog-worthy news! We have been working round the clock to finish up our new CD, Into The blue. It's scheduled to drop Labor Day Weekend. We should have it for our show at Harpoon Eddie's on Aug. 31 and certainly for our show at the Blues In The Bay fest in Alex Bay on Sat. Sept. 1st at 6pm.

We are excited to share our latest music with all of you. It's been a long time coming, but we feel it will be…

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Stories From The Road 

Stories From the Road   RSB has had a serious run of gigs in the past two weeks! Bookended between shows at two of our favorite places to play in CNY - Shifty's and the Green Gate, we were also in Auburn at CC's, Balloons in Ellicottville and The Columbia in Utica. Whoooh! It was great to play for old friends and new friends alike!  We're getting good reviews on Soul Reason, our new CD, and it feels like the live shows have pumped up a notch! The other night, (I can't remember where!) during one of Ron's… Read more

IT'S A BOY!!! 

Well, actually it's a girl...sorta. After 9 months(honest!) we're proud to announce the arrival of our new CD, Soul Reason! The title is a play on words that just came to me.  I told Mark(Gibson) "I have an assignment; I wrote music and a title, 'Soul Reason', it means that the woman in your in life is your " Soul Reason" for living, etc. It needs lyrics and a melody." He turned in his assignment and got an A+.  Now that's a song writing partnership!

We're very proud of this new set of songs. Especially…

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We've just added a new song, Ain't Got Nothin', to our audio page from our upcoming CD, Soul Reason, due out May 25th! We're offering  free downloads of this song! Yes, that's right FREE!!!

We're excited about heading down the home stretch with this project. Our goal was to set the bar even higher this time around. We believe the songs are our best yet and Mark is destined to become a songwriting force in the blues/roots field. With Mick Walker in the engineer/ co-producer chair, the production values…

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Our new CD is comin' along great! Another set of all-original material, again exploring the blues-based American roots styles that are part of our musical DNA. After recording the basic tracks in a general store built in the 1800s where we got an amazing sound, we're now adding the icing on the proverbial cake. Mick Walker (Little Georgie & the Shufflin' Hungarians, Joe Whiting & the Bandit Band and Marilyn's Chamber) is manning the recording desk and lending his finely tuned ear. Mark Nanni (Los Blancos)…

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Oh, Canada....! 

Well, we're home from Canada! Petersborough, Ontario, to be exact. We had a great gig at the Showplace Events Theatre on 11\6 and rumor has it that we will be going back! I was tickled pink with our Canadian audience. They made us feel right at home and that just got us fired up! Ron was getting standing ovations after his solos! Needless to say, Jay and RossMoe were tight as...... Well, to steal a line from Muddy Waters: they were "a bulldog hug a hound" tight!

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RSB presses the RECORD button! 

Well, RSB is knee deep in the process of recording our new CD. We spent a weekend recording out at our friends, Shirley and Larry's old general store. Amazing acoustics in that room! We are trying to do it as "live" as possible. The way this band interacts with each other, we needed to make it as close to a real gig as possible. Two long days and more to come! When we recorded "Roller Coaster Blues" Ron was the producer/engineer, doing it on the fly, while also remembering arrangements and, oh yeah,…

Hot Fun In The Summertime! 

Wow! It is hot here in Central New York - in more ways than one! RSB is busy with some really great shows. We've been invited to play the Quebec City Summer Music Festival on July 12. This is Canada's largest music fest attended by 1.5 million people over eleven days! There's hundreds of acts, including Arrowsmith and Bon Jovi. We're excited and proud to be apart of this huge event. We then drive back home the next day to play our favorite club, Shifty's, that night. We'll be runnin' on adreniline and…

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