Oh, Canada....!

Well, we're home from Canada! Petersborough, Ontario, to be exact. We had a great gig at the Showplace Events Theatre on 11\6 and rumor has it that we will be going back! I was tickled pink with our Canadian audience. They made us feel right at home and that just got us fired up! Ron was getting standing ovations after his solos! Needless to say, Jay and RossMoe were tight as...... Well, to steal a line from Muddy Waters: they were "a bulldog hug a hound" tight!

We were just getting started at the end of the gig (two 50 minute sets plus an encore) so we hiked for a grueling 30 seconds back to our hotel, retired to Jay's room, had some liquid refreshments, and watched the election results on Canadian TV. (Quick aside: I was astounded at how much the Canadians follow and know about our politics!)
And speaking of Canadians, I would like to say that from the desk clerk at the hotel ("the nicest hotel room I've ever had" hotel), to the sound guy, Rael (sp?), to the woman who volunteered to mann our CD sales, to the waitress at the breakfast place the next morning, the people we came in contact with were the nicest people you could ever hope to meet. Thank you, Petersborough!

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